Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe

By Indradhanush Gupta Comment

This one right here is my first post on this blog. This is about my first mini-project which I completed on my own over the last few days. I’ve developed an Online Tic-Tac-Toe game that can be played by two players sitting at different computers but within the same network.

I implemented the basics of socket programming to employ the reliable Client-Server model. Connecting the two players across the internet is simple. One of the players must decide to play as the server and create a game at the server itself such that the second player may connect to the server’s IP address. Yes, the client must be aware of the server’s IP address.

I wrote this in C++. Currently the source codes have been compiled for Linux systems. Here’s what the server(Player 1) needs to do to set up a game :


(Yes! That’s it!) server.out is the compiled output file for creating the server.

And connecting to the server is also pretty easy. The client(Player 2) should type in -


client.out is the compiled output file for connecting to the server and is the IP address of the server(say). Given a server has already been set up, the client should be able to connect comfortably to the server.

I have uploaded this project at github. And here is the link to the repo :

Their are loads of stuff that still needs to be done. I shall list them in decreasing order of my preference:

  • Implementing the more modern and better approach of using getaddrinfo() to fill out the structures. I’ve hard coded them manually.
  • Extending support to IPv6 address family.
  • Incorporating an in-game chat feature that will allow the players to freely interact with each other.
  • Compiling the code for Windows users.
  • Achieving cross platform portability.
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