who am i

who am i

If you didn’t get the reference to the bash command above already, I am a command line nerd and I type at ~100wpm. I have been programming for close to ten years, five of them professionally.

My expertise revolves around building systems from scratch and deploying and managing them in cloud native infrastructures. While I am most comfortable with Python and Golang, choice of programming language has rarely been a hurdle for me while solving a problem.

I am often available for consulting and if you would like to hire me, please reach out to me via email: indradhanush[dot]gupta[at]gmail.com.

I’m currently having a lot of fun working remotely from India in the containers and distributed systems space at Kinvolk. My work revolves around building Kubernetes tooling for other systems that need to run inside a Kubernetes cluster.

Prior to this I attended the Recurse Center in May 2017, where I spent twelve weeks to become a better programmer. And before that I was the fourth engineering hire at Instamojo, a payments startup in India. At Instamojo I worked across the entire backend codebase and also spent some time in the the Infrastructure team.

I write about programming and on human behaviour. Distributed sytems and network programming pique my interest.

When not thinking about code, I play the drums or I paint.