A Helm debugging story

A description about an annoying bug and the lessons learned from it

4 min read


A painting of leaves.

~1 min read

Job search

Lessons learned while looking for a full time job

4 min read

Writing a Unix Shell - Part I

Building your own UNIX shell in parts. This post focuses on the semantics of the fork system call.

7 min read


A quick note on memories

1 min read

I forget things easily

Remembering things doesn’t come naturally to me. My thoughts and attempts on fixing this. What worked and what did not. And a plea for help.

5 min read

Starry Starry Night

A painting of a star studded night sky with a girl looking into the horizon.

~1 min read

Howrah Bridge

A painting of the Howrah Bridge over a setting sun.

~1 min read

ZeroMQ transport for U1DB sync protocol

Details about the synchronization protocol that I am implementing as part of my Google Summer of Code, 2014 project. We’ve identified a few blockers thus prompting us to tweak the design to work around them.

8 min read

Design and Unit Testing

Progress update on my Google Summer of Code, 2014 project under LEAP. An in-depth discussion about the system architecture that I will implement in the coming weeks.

6 min read

GSoC Project Preview

Details about my mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code, 2014 and my project and goals that I will be working on over the next 12 weeks.

5 min read

Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe

A multiplater tic tac toe game that can be played over the internet.